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SEWER INSPECTIONS FOR BUYERS – Why they’re a must have!

Protect your property and save your money by our precise, accurate and detailed sewer inspection report.

Very few property owners are aware that they are responsible for the sewer line (sewer lateral) from the building to the city main. Broken, flat, bellied, offset, or root-infested sewer lines can cause sewage to back up into the house or commercial building leading to extensive property damage in the home or business. Sewer back-ups can cause thousands of dollars in property damage and loss of valuable operating time for businesses. Although insurance companies will usually pay for cleanup and restoration; repair or replacement of the line is typically excluded, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. Having a sewer or septic line inspection prior to purchasing a property is a proactive and innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, or gain valuable purchase price negotiation.


PIPE HEAL Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing Services.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in using various types of leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint leaks and locate water supply and drain pipes quickly and efficiently so that the necessary repairs can be speedily carried out.

Even when water rises to the surface, it does not necessarily mean the leak is located at this point, as water tends to find the easiest route of escape. It is important to recognize that leak detection is not an exact science and it is not always possible to locate some leaks using listening devices alone – it is necessary to use our CCTV camera system.

Leaks from plastic pipes are harder to locate as they are quieter than those from metal based pipes and therefore the sound is more difficult to detect. In addition, property owners do not always have accurate records of the route of their supply or drain pipes and any alterations that may have taken place. Our CCTV camera system with our trained technicians will report precisely. Our leak detection with our repair will avoid future leakage with saving time, damage and cost.


Our CCTV Is Efficient and cost effective

Advanced CCTV Pipes survey technology makes inspecting drains and sewers more efficient than ever. Live colored Images & Videos obtained through this route are clear enough to guarantee identification of problems on the first pass, removing the need for further diagnostics, and therefore additional investment at a later date.

Minimal disruption

Our use of remote control Pipes inspection camera systems removes the need for manual drain entry in the majority of cases. As such, our surveys can be carried out with the bare minimum of disruption to your daily operations.

Comprehensive reporting

Every image we produce will be provided on a DVD alongside a full written technical report, with our expert team on hand either online or on 281-888-8970 to answer any questions you have, or arrange further action in response to anything we discover.

Grease Trap Inspection

After your grease trap has been pumped, our team will arrive at your location and inspect the inlet and outlet pipe, trap, and walls. We will then inform you with a complete diagnostic, schedule a repair date, and estimated time of work. Inspection is free with each repair.