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Grease Trap Repair & Installation


Don’t let your company fall foul of grease trap laws

Are you a restaurant owner with a broken grease trap? No need to replace your damaged grease trap.

Now you can have professional grease trap repair without shutting down your business from loud jack-hammering and digging.

PIPE HEAL Grease trap repairing and rehabilitation system Minimize blockages caused by fats, oils and grease (FOG).

Our method will pass any inspection and save your business money and time! Using high-grade components and materials, our patented process will form a “box within a box”, eliminating the cost to replace with a new one.

Our grease trap repair and rehab is the perfect solution. Regardless location, size, type or material of your grease trap. This range can meet demand and safely remove solid waste products from water before it reaches drainage system.
It increase efficiency and air tight seals to contain any unwanted odors.

PIPE HEAL are specialists when it comes to the supply, installation, rehabilitation and maintenance of grease traps within your kitchen or restaurant.

We are certified approved vendor by various cities in state of Texas “Health and human services department”.

Be kinder to the environment and protect your business with this solution of our fiber epoxy coated grease trap technology.